Falcons Jr (short for Juniors) are a family of passionate cricket lovers who have come together to inspire the youth (a.k.a. the Juniors), to discover the wonderful and popular world sport – Cricket!

As part of this mission, Falcons Jr Sports Club was born and is a 501c3 non-profit entity

We have been in the forefront of promoting Youth Cricket in the township of Edison since April 2016.

Our journey that began with 10 kids, have grown to a strength of 85+ kids, all in the age groups of 7-14

We have a bunch of passionate volunteer coaches who are ACF Level 2 certified and a huge pool of parent volunteers helping us with the various aspects of the club

Structured coaching programs designed by Internationally accredited coaches – Tapash Baishya (former Bangladesh Player) & Ivy Mahabir (founding member of women cricket in the United States of America).

We have a progressive and inclusive model that yearns to identify, nurture, build and promote potential talents from local communities to regional and national stage

Our belief system rests on two main pillars – Low Cost and High Quality Training

Falcons Jr Cricket Club is an integral part of Falcons Jr Sports Club