The Six stars on our Logo reflects our beliefs and goals


Our goal is to remain invested in Youth, by giving them the platform and inspiring them to discover world sports. The purpose is to not only teach them the sport, but also to teach a lot of life lessons that comes so naturally while learning these sports. Its our attempt to make a well rounded individual.

Quality at Low Cost

Our Training Programs are based on two pillars of strength – Quality and Low Cost. We work on a cost to cost basis to accommodate our training plans. Besides the low fees that we charge, our sponsors help us in a big way in building our club and making our foundations strong. For logistics, the Township of Edison, Board of Education and the Mayor’s Office supports us by providing adequate grounds and indoor facilities.

Progressive Model

With all this support we have build a progressive model for promoting popular world sports like Cricket, Badminton and Table Tennis. Our current area of focus in making Cricket a mainstream sports.


As part of our effort, we are hoping to create the awareness of this sport not only among the communities that follow or play it, but also among the other communities who have limited understanding of this wonderful and exciting sport. We believe in being as inclusive within the community as possible.


We believe in the voluntary model, which is the reason Falcons Jr Sports Club is a not-for-profit entity. We are deeply entrenched in the idea of bringing together like minded individuals who believe insnaring their knowledge of sports and life and is ready to go the extra mile in making a positive difference in today’s youth. We have been fortunate to have a bunch of these individuals who come forward on their own to help contribute.

Giving Back

One of the most important element of a youth’s progress in life is to identify and contribute towards the community, what we call “Giving Back” to the society. We as an youth organization strongly believe in getting ourselves engaged in community service and providing financial help wherever feasible to those that need them.