Trustee & Coach (ACF Level 2 Certified)

Anup, along with Parag are the cofounders of the Falcons Jr Sports Club. He is a trustee and someone who loves to mentor youngsters in cricket and is also responsible for managing the day to day running of the club. 


Trustee & Coach (ACF Level 2 Certified)

A Data Architect by profession, sports has been a big part of Parag’s journey so far. The Co-founder wears multiple hats of a Coach and CFO of the club, making sure that we provide quality coaching experience for the youth, but also keep a close tab on keeping the overall costs low.

Prasath, Managing Director, Trustee, Coach

Trustee & Coach (ACF Level 2 Certified)

Prasath is a trustee  of the club and one of our first volunteer coaches to join the club and since have been an integral part of the running of the club. Besides being a workaholic and an active captain of a Division 1 team in NJSBCL, he is a devotes a lot of his time in overseeing our leather ball group of players.

Vijay DY

 Trustee & Coach (ACF Level 2 Certified)

Vijay, popularly known as DY, has been a pioneer in developing interest in cricket among the youth. Vijay works closely with the Edison township in providing cricket programs to the youth and volunteers in coaching them and providing them the required platform to progress to the next level.


Director, Tournaments & Fitness Coach (ACF Level 2 Certified)

Deva holds the privilege of being the first volunteer for the club whose unparalleled commitments have won him recognition and multiple awards at the FJPL tournaments. Besides being in the midst of majority of the club activities, Deva is our Fitness Coach and also heads the tournament activities, whether its FJPL or any other tournaments that our cadets participates in. 

This is what Deva had to say of his experience

“I have always had the inclination in helping others and coaching uses my natural talents/ learned skills. This helps me feel confident about my abilities to contribute towards benefit for the youth.”


Director, Soft Ball Program & Coach (ACF Level 2 Certified)

Murugan is considered the Coach Cool of the club, synonymous with the popular Captain Cool. Murugan along with Srikanth, Ramji and Hari leads the coaching for our Level 1 players and is also an ACF Level 2 certified coach.


Coach (ACF Level 2 Certified)

Srikanth has played for Madurai District U16 and U19 and is a ACF level 2 certified coach. Srikanth plays an important and challenging role of inculcating cricket the root level. He takes immense pleasure in working with our youngest cadets, who have limited knowledge of cricket by teaching them the basics and more importantly generating the interest in the sport.  

This is what Srikanth had to say about his experience

Cricket has been my passion, so always had the urge to contribute towards developing the sport in USA. The best way was to spread awareness and groom young talents. I got the opportunity to work with the kids in Falcon Jr academy and have really enjoyed mentoring and also learning from these youngsters! Though most of the younger kids don’t have any knowledge of cricket coupled with the challenges to teach them the basics, I thoroughly continue to love this journey and feeling proud to be a stepping stone for their future in cricket.


Coach (ACF Level 2 Certified)

Ramji is an active player himself and besides being doting father to his lovely daughters, have been an active coach for the club. Ramji, manages our level 1 players and gets them ready to progress to the leather ball league.

This is what Ramji had to say about his experience

Cricket is not just my favorite sport but also my passion. I have always believed in giving back to the community. Coaching kids gives me a sense of living a dream by enjoying my passion and giving back to the community!



Coach (ACF Level 2 Certified)

Hari has been a active volunteer and a coach with the club for the past three years. Hari leads the training of the Level Beginner batches along with Srikanth, and is a ACF Level 2 coach.

Here’s what Hari had to say about his experience:

Growing up I never had a coach . Now we all know the importance of a coach. I want to coach so I can make a difference in someone else’s life, however small it might be.

Gary Pasricha

Attorney & Founder – Pasricha & Patel LLC

Gary is passionate about giving back to the community. He volunteers his time with Falcons Jr Sports Club and several nonprofits and community-based organizations and frequently advises on legal matters on a pro bono basis. He has been one of our ardent followers and a wonderful mentor, guiding us on several details beyond legal matters.

Gary founded the firm Pasricha & Patel in 1995, concentrating on business and corporate law, technology law, immigration and commercial litigation.  Gary represents clients in corporate and business matters including mergers and acquisitions, complex commercial litigation, equity transactions, private placements, corporate governance, commercial real estate and leasing, secured transactions, and employment issues. Gary has significant experience in negotiating and drafting complex contracts such as joint ventures, technology transfers, software development, software licensing, outsourcing, services, consulting, employment, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and employment.

In addition, Gary provides representation to startups and emerging companies, counseling companies and their management from inception to final exit.  Gary’s services include negotiating and drafting generally required agreements such as certificates of incorporation, bylaws, founders’ agreements, employment agreements, ESOPs, IP assignments, stock purchase, and investor’s rights, among others.  Gary has successfully litigated software licensing, development, and outsourcing disputes against Fortune 100 defendants.